Live Volume One
    (aka; Live Vol. 1)

    Live Volume 1

    Label / Index #
    Joker Productions JOK-041-A

    Compare with;
    Higher Education (CD) (Tendolar TDR-127)
    1969 Winter Time Trip (CD) (Dandelion DL 112)

    Live & Studio 
    Tracks 1-13 appear to be from McDonough Gymnasium, Georgetown University,
    Washington, DC, USA, Sunday, November 2, 1969
    Recording:  Soundboard
    Comments: This is an Australian bootleg with all tracks of good sound quality. PT
    lets go at the audience and the police; "Why don't all you fuckers who wanted to
    cause trouble, and that includes the cops, why don't you go to Washington, This is
    a rock 'n roll concert and we're here to play you music
    ." The last two tracks seem to
    be from an unknown radio program with an announcer stating that the next song,
    Long Live Rock, is from an upcoming double album to be released in late spring
    early summer. This could be in reference to either Quadrophenia (as the original
    title of Quadrophenia was to be "Rock Is Dead, Long Live Rock"), ODDS & SODS
    or potentially even Who's Next. The rest of the tracks on this disc are from unknown

     1. Overture
     2. It's A Boy
     3. 1921
     4. Amazing Journey / Sparks
     5. Eyesight To The Blind
     6. Heaven And Hell
     7. I Can't Explain
     8. Fortune Teller
     9. Tattoo
    10. Summertime Blues
    11. Shakin' All Over
    12. My Generation
    13. See Me, Feel Me
    14. I Can't Explain
    15. Happy Jack
    16. I'm A Boy
    17. My Generation
    18. See Me, Feel Me
    19. The Relay
    20. Long Live Rock