Alternate Tommy

    Alternate Tommy

    Label / Index #
    Element of Crime, Elements 007

    Compare with;
    New Years Eve (CD) (Fire Power FP-015)
    The Tommy Demos (CD) (Yellow Dog Records, YDCD 0007)
    Tommy Rarities (CD) (Rarities 97052)
    P.T. Demos For The Who - "Tommy" Demos 1968 (CD) (HIWATT HI 1969)
    Pete Townshend: Genuine Scoop (CD) (HIWATT GS6575-ABCDE)

    There's A Doctor

    "Original Recording at IBC Studio, London. Produced by Kit Lambert"
    Comments: This appears to be VERY similar, if not identical to The Tommy Demos
    (Yellow Dog Records, YDCD 0007)
    . This, as the aforementioned CD, is excellent.
    If you are unable get The Tommy Demos, this one should do nicely as well, though per-
    haps the sound quality on The Tommy Demos is somewhat more "natural".

    1. Overture
    2. It's a boy
    3. 1921
    4. Amazing Journey
    5. Sparks
    6. Christmas
    7. Cousin Kevin
    8. The acid queen
    9. Underture
    10. Do you think it's alright?
    11. Fiddle about
    12. Pinball wizard
    13. There's a doctor
    14. Go to the mirror ~ Success
    15. Tommy can you hear me?
    16. Smash the mirror
    17. Sensation
    18. Miracle cure
    19. Sally Simpson
    20. I'm free
    21. Welcome
    22. Tommy's holiday camp
    23. We're not gonna take it