The BBC Files 1965 - 1968

    (BBC Sessions 1967 - 1968)

    The BBC Files 1965

    Label / Index #
    Triangle Records PY CD 20

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    Studio / BBC Radio sessions
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: The title on the cover reads The BBC Files 1965 - 1968. The title on
    the spine reads BBC Sessions 1967-1968. I can't figure the title out, perhaps the
    producers of this CD couldn't either. Nonetheless, a great selection of a lot of early
    Who tunes and several rare WHO covers. Compare these with the legitimate release
    of the BBC Sessions.

    1. Just You And Me
    2. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
    3. My Generation
    4. Substitute
    5. A Man With Money
    6. Dancing In The Street
    7. Disguises
    8. I'm A Boy
    9. So Sad About Us
    10.Happy Jack
    11.Boris The Spider
    12.See My Way
    13.I Can See For Miles
    14.Summertime Blues