Maximum BBC (The Radio Sessions, 1965-1970)

    Maximum BBC (The Radio Sessions, 1965-1970)

    Label / Index #
    Invasion Unlimited IU 9543-1

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    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: The names of the venues listed on the back cover differ from The Who
    Concert File
    book and The Complete Concert Guide web site. They are listed as

    Tracks: 1-2: Saturday Club, May 25, 1965
          3-4: Saturday Club, June 19, 1965
          5-7: Saturday Club, October 22, 1965
         8-10: Saturday Club, March 15, 1966
        11-13: Saturday Club, September 13, 1966
        14-17: Top Gear, January 17, 1967
        18-21: Top Gear, October 10, 1967
        22-26: Symonds On Sunday, April 13, 1970

    The Who Concert File book and The Complete Concert Guide website make
    reference to these shows as follows;

    Tracks: 1-2: The Marquee, Soho, Central London, UK, Tuesday, May 25, 1965
    From The Who Concert File (p.26)

    "Starting at 8:15 pm, this show was recorded by Radio Luxembourg for Ready
    Steady Radio!
    during the regular 7:30 to 11pm performance. The programme
    was aired on Sunday, May 30 at 9:30 pm."

    Tracks 3-4: Uxbridge Blues And Folk Festival, Uxbridge Show, Park Road, Uxbridge,
    UK, SaturdayJune 19, 1965
    From The Who Concert File (p.27)

    "The Who appeared here during the afternoon, sometime between 2:30 and
    4:30pm, and then moved on to play the Cavern in Leicester Square that eve-
    ning....Among the acts on the bill Marianne Faithful, The Spencer Davis
    Group, American soul singer Solomon Burke, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers,
    The Birds (with future Rolling Stone Ron Wood) and others."

    Tracks 5-7: Saturday Club, October 22, 1965
    From The Who Concert File (p.27)

         8-10: Saturday ClubMarch 15, 1966
        11-13: Saturday ClubSeptember 13, 1966
        14-17: Top GearJanuary 17, 1967
        18-21: Top GearOctober 10, 1967
        22-26: Symonds On Sunday, April 13, 1970

    This particular CD cover has been used for several WHO CD and LP bootlegs. Com-
    pare with the items listed above and the legitimate release of BBC Sessions.

     1. Just You And Me
     2. Leaving Here
     3. Good Lovin'
     4. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
     5. The Good's Gone
     6. My Generation
     7. La La La Lies
     8. A Man With Money
     9. Dancing In The Street
    10. Substitute
    11. Disguises
    12. I'm A Boy
    13. So Sad About Us
    14. Run, Run, Run
    15. Boris The Spider
    16. Happy Jack
    17. You See My Way
    18. I Can't Reach You
    19. Our Love Was
    20. Pictures Of Lily
    21. Summertime Blues
    22. I'm Free
    23. The Seeker
    24. Substitute
    25. Pinball Wizard
    26. Shakin' All Over