Behind Blind Eyes

    Label / Index #
    Dynamite Studio DS94A079 /80

    Venue: The Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Thursday, April 1, 1976
    Recording: Audience
    Comments: This is a make-up show from March 9th as KM hit the boards early at
    the beginning of the March show. The song titles on the CD's are bogus, actual track
    list on back cover of CD. It makes no mention of  Squeeze Box, though it is perform-
    ed. Magic Bus contains an excellent jam with lots of dialogue / interplay between
    Roger and Pete ala Live At Leeds. CD's / LP's from this era are somewhat scarce,
    so grab 'em if you see 'em, 'cause if you don't, they'll be gone - never to return. In
    connection with this show, take a look at Outrageous Live 1976 (CD) (Mast - 029 /

        CD 1

     1. Express          (I Can't Explain)
     2. Submarine        (Substitute)
     3. It's My Life        (My Wife)
     4. Baby Alright       (Baba O'Riley)
     5. Nothing Is Real     (Squeeze Box)
     6. Blue Eyes Girl     (Behind Blue Eyes)
     7. Dream From Heaven (Dreaming From From The Waist)
     8. Magical Rooms     (Magic Bus)

        CD 2

     1. Speak            (Amazing Journey ) (Amazing Journey / Sparks)
     2. The Disco Queen    (The Acid Queen)
     3. About You         (Fiddle About)
     4. Pinball Game       (Pinball Game)
     5. Are You Free?      (I'm Free)
     6. Holiday In The Sun   (Tommy's Holiday Camp)
     7. We're Gonna Grove  (We're Not Take It) (sic We're Not Gonna Take It)
     8. Winterland Blues    (Summertime Blues)
     9. Who Are You?      (My Generation)
    10. Fool In The Rain     (Won't Get Fooled Again)