Outrageous Live 1976

    (Outrageous Madison Square Garden 1976)

    Outrageous Live 1976

    Label / Index #
    Mast - 029 / 030

    Compare With;
    The Complete MSG 1976
    (CD) (Seymour Records, SR-017 / SR-018)

    Slip Kid

    Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA, Thursday, March 11, 1976
    Recording:  Audience
    Comments: Not fantastic sound, though not a bad audience recording for this period
    either. According to The Who Concert File book (p.174), this show was postponed
    from March 10th, as Keith Moon allegedly had the flu and collapsed during the
    March 9th at the Boston Garden. A make- up show for the Boston Garden was re-
    scheduled for April 1st (see Behind Blind Eyes (CD) (Dynamite Studio DS94A079,
    A rare live version of Slip Kid makes its appearance here as well. In-
    terestingly enough, this CD utilizes the same cover as John's Birthday Party (CD)
    (Heart Breaker HB 810 1/2)
    and the print graphics are similar to Toronto 1975 (CD)
    . Overall, not a bad disc to add to the collection.

        CD 1

    1.  I Can't Explain
    2.  Substitute
    3.  My Wife
    4.  Baba O'Riley
    5.  Squeeze Box
    6.  Behind Blue Eyes
    7.  Slip Kid
    8.  Dreaming From The Waist
    9.  Magic Bus

        CD 2

    1.  Amazing Journey
    2.  Sparks
    3.  The Acid Queen
    4.  Fiddle About
    5.  Pinball Wizard
    6.  I'm Free
    7.  Tommy's Holiday Camp
    8.  We're Not Gonna Take It
    9.  See Me, Feel Me
    10. Summertime Blues
    11. My Generation / Join Together
    12. My Generation Blues