Toronto 1975

    Toronto 1975

    Label / Index #
    Heart Breaker HB-808-1/2

    Compare with;
    Live In Toronto 12-11-75 (CD) (Substitute Recordings 382-828332-2)

    Raw (Who Raw) (LP) (K&S 004)

    My Wife (GREAT PT jam - best I’ve ever heard)

    Pete & Keith

    Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Thursday, December 11, 1975
    Comments: This is a new release from the Heart Breakers label. The sound is
    identicle to Live In Toronto 12-11-75 (CD) (Substitute Recordings 382-828332-2)
    and features the entire show whereas the above listed CD's omitted Spoonful and My
    Generation Blues
    . The LP Raw (Who Raw) (LP) (K&S 004) is also not a complete
    version of this show and appears to be very rare mulit-colored vinyl. The back cover
    of this CD features a photo of Roger Daltrey ca.1975. Compare with the items listed

      CD 1

    1. I Can't Explain
    2. Substitute
    3. My Wife
    4. Baba O'Riley
    5. Squeeze Box
    6. Behind Blue Eyes
    7. Dreaming From The Waist
    8. Boris The Spider
    9. Magic Bus

      CD 2

     1. Amazing Journey
     2. Sparks
     3. Acid Queen
     4. Fiddle About
     5. Pinball Wizard
     6. I'm Free
     7. Tommy's Holiday Camp
     8. We're Not Gonna Take It
     9. See Me, Feel Me
    10.Summertime Blues
    11. My Generation
       - Join Together
       - Spoonful
       - Roadrunner
       - My Generation Blues
    12. Won't Get Fooled Again