Raw (Who Raw)

    Raw (Who Raw)   Raw (Who Raw - Colored Vinyl)

    Label / Index #
    K&S 004

    Compare with;

    Live In Toronto 12-11-75 (CD) (Substitute Recordings 382-828332-2)
    Toronto 1975 (CD) (Heart Breaker HB-8081/2)

    Venue: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Thursday, December 11, 1975
    Recording: Audience
    Comments: The pun on the title is much more obvious when the titles is stated as
    "Who Raw" (Hoorah) According to Hot Wacks, this was apparently also pressed on
    red and blue vinyl and is an extremely difficult bootleg LP to find. The two copies I
    have seen are the red marble colored vinyl and an identical colored vinyl pattern in
    blue vinyl Absolutely stunning LPs. If only the sound quality matched the CDs from
    the same shows. Obviously the difference in sound quality must have been due to
    them being from two different sources rather than inferior technology with which the
    recordings were cleaned up. Though this vinyl boot does not contain the complete
    show, the Japanese releases of this show on CD (see the items listed above) do
    contain either a much expanded version of this show or, as in the case of Toronto
    (CD) (Heart Breaker HB-8081/2), contain the entire show. The sound quality
    of the CD's is excellent for an audience recording but the LP versions are not (as
    mentioned above). Everything seems to work here. The sound is excellent, PT's jams
    hit the mark every time and the energy and excitement is quite apparent. The blue
    colored vinyl LP came with a pink colored paper insert as the cover vs. the yellow
    insert for the red vinyl as depicted above.

        Side 1

     1. I Can't Explain
     2. Substitute
     3. My Wife
     4. Baba O'Riley
     5. Squeeze Box
     6. Behind Blue Eyes

        Side 2

     1. Dreaming From The Waist
     2. Boris The Spider
     3. Magic Bus

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