Bridge To The Blues

    Bridge To The Blues

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    Substitute Reel Recordings

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    After The Fire

    Venue: House Of Blues, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Friday, November 12, 1999
    Recording: DAT
    Comments: This is an absolutely marvelous performance on an original silver disc re-
    leased by a seemingly new label that calls itself Substitute Reel Recordings and
    "made in India". This is the first of two consecutive nights played at the Chicago
    House Of Blues
    for the benefit of the Maryville Academy. The Who unveil some of the
    greats for the first time in a very long time such as Pure And Easy and Getting In Tune
    that coincide with the revival of Lifehouse. The show is incredible not only in perform-
    ance but they played loud as well. RD's voice appears a bit strained on Pure And
    but otherwise is in good shape and Pete's electric guitar jams must be the best
    heard since the 1982 Farewell tour. John's playing is rock steady as always and one
    can't help but get the general impression that this is a show that's not only full of
    passion but fun as well.. The complete HOB show is contained here as well as a few
    bonus tracks thrown in from the Las Vegas show and Neil Young's Bridge Benefit con-
    cert  as could seen on the cybercast. There are various versions of the latter that have
    been released on CD-R as well as silver discs but the HOB show is killer!  The per-
    formance on the recently released Shepherds Bush CD-R pales in comparisson to the
    one captured on this CD. The graphics are rich on heavy, high quality gloss paper.
    The back cover errs in that it lists the HOB as being from November 11th. However,
    the shows took place on the12th &13th. This CD is right up there with Live At Leeds
    and Toronto 1975 in performance and passion, albeit from a diff-erent era. A
    hearty "job well done" to the folks who produced this gem!

    Tracks CD 1:
    House Of Blues, Chicago
    Tracks CD 2: 1-9: House Of Blues, Chicago
                          10: MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada
                          11: Bridge Benefit

         CD 1

    House Of Blues, Chicago, Illinois

    Can't Explain
    2. Substitute
    3. Anyway, Anyhow, Anwhere
    4. Pinball Wizard
    5. My Wife
    6. Baba O'Riley
    7. Pure And Easy
    8. Getting In Tune
    9. You Better You Bet
    10.Behind Blue Eyes
    12.MaryAnn With The Shaky Hands
    13.I'm A Boy
    14.Boris The Spider
    15.Eminence Front
    16.After The Fire

         CD 2

    1. 5:15
    2. Who Are You
    3. Magic Bus
    5. Won't Get Fooled Again


    A Legal Matter
    2. I Walk The Line / Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash)
    3. My Generation
    4. Let's See Action (w/ Eddie Vedder & "C Average")

         MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada October 22, 1999

    See Me, Feel Me

         Bridge School Benefit October 30, 1999

    Who Are You (Acoustic)
    2. I Walk The Line