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    Acoustic Artists UP9

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    Tracks 1-10:  Shoreline Amphitheatre; Mountain View, California, USA,
    October 30, 1999
    Tracks: 11-13: Pete Townshend solo live on BBC TV 1999
    Track 14: Pete Townshend solo VH1 TV appearance, UK 1999 (VH1 "Storytellers")
    Recording: Possibly Soundboard
    Comments: Sound quality of this disc is reported as "excellent, up there with official
    live releases". Compare with the items listed above.

    1. Substitute
    2. I Can't Expalin
    3. Pinball Wizard
    4. Behind Blue Eyes
    5. Mary Ann With the Shaky Hands
    6. Boris the Spider
    7. Johnny Cash Medley
    8. Who are You
    9. Won't get Fooled Again
    10.The Kids are Alright
    11.Let My Love Open the Door
    12.English Boy
    13.Magic Bus