Final Stage With Keith

    Final Stage With Keith

    Label / Index #
    TR014 Tristar

    Compare with;
    Exploding Drummer (CD) (PORYDOL POCP 2000 (12151977)

    Final Stage With Keith (CD-R) (TR014 Tristar)

    Venue: Gaumont State Theatre, Kilburn, Northwest London, UK, Thursday,
    December 15, 1977
    Recording: Audience
    Comments: This one starts off with a fair amount of distortion but does get some-
    what better after Substitute. The recording is als a bit "choppy" as My Generation
    and Who Are You are partially cut at the beginning / end. It's great to hear be-
    tween-song banter between the band members, especially KM gets a few laughs.
    Oddly enough, this CD has also appeared as a CD-R from the same manufacturer
    (Trystar) on inked discs with more elaborate box packaging as there appears to be
    some type of "dispute" about "copyright issues". See the CD-R title listed above for
    more details. According to The Who Concert File book, this was one of two shows
    specifically filmed for The Kids Are Alright movie however, none of this footage was
    used. (the other was filmed on May 5, 1978 at Shepperton Studios as seen in
    TKAA move).(p.178).

     1. Intro
     2. I Can't Explan
     3. Substitute
     4. Baba O'Riley
     5. My Wife
     6. Behind Blue Eyes
     7. Dreaming From The Waist
     8. Pinball Wizard
     9. I'm Free
    10. Tommy's Holiday Camp
    11. Summertime Blues
    12. Shakin' All Over
    13. My Generation / Join Together
    14. Who Are You
    15. Won't Get Fooled Again