Live In Woodstock 1969 (Once Upon A Time In Woodstock)

    Live In Woodstock 1969

    Label / Index #
    Hallmark 012

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    Venue: Woodstock Festival, Bethel, New York, USA, Sunday, August 17, 1969
    There has been a long-standing question as to whether Naked Eye was
    played at the end of the show. Although the vinyl edition does list Naked Eye as the
    last track on the LP, it was not formally a song at that time. Rather, it was the chord
    structure that would later become the song Naked Eye. This is a great CD! This may
    be one of the very, very few, if not the only Woodstock CD / LP where the songs
    don't abruptly cut off between the tracks. This one flows from start to finish. Music
    to the ear. Compare with the titles listed above.

     1. Heaven And Hell
     2. I Can't Explain
     3. It's A Boy
     4. 1921
     5. Amazing Journey
     6. Sparks
     7. Eyesight To The Blind
     8. Christmas
     9. The Acid Queen
    10. Pinball Wizard
    11. Do You Think It'a Alright
    12. Fiddle About
    13. There's A Doctor
    14. Go To The Mirror
    15. Smash The Mirror
    16. I'm Free
    17. Tommy's Holiday Camp
    18. We're Not Gonna Take It
    19. Summertime Blues
    20. Shakin' All Over
    21. My Generation