Lifehouse Live

    Lifehouse Live

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    KKR 42

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    Archives (LP) (TCR-2004)

    Venue: The Young Vic Theatre, Waterloo, South London, UK,  Monday, April 26, 1971
    Comments: Wow!  Incredible to hear The Who playing this at-the-time still unre-
    leased material intended for the Lifehouse project in front of a "trial" audience. PT
    comments "some of them still feel a bit lame", and engages in a verbal joust with an
    audience member about how many "fucks" he has had. One of the last Who Life-
    house shows at the Young Vic. Compare with the CD's listed above as well as the
    legit release of Who's Next Deluxe Edition.

     1. Introduction (by Pete Townshend)
     2. Too Much Of Anything
     3. Getting In Tune
     4. Bargain
     5. Pinball Wizard / See Me Feel Me / Baby Don't Do It
     6. Water
     7. My Generation
     8. Road Runner
     9. Naked Eye
    10. Bony Maronie (sic Boney Maronie)
    11. Won't Get Fooled Again