Live At Leeds Complete

    Live At Leeds Complete

    Label / Index #
    Midas Touch MD 61521 / 61522

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    Archives (LP) (TCR-2004)

    Smash The Mirror

    University Refectory, Leeds University, Leeds, UK, Saturday, February 14, 1970
    Recording:  Outstanding Soundboard
    Comments:  Some very minor distortion and dropouts. The Live Tommy At The
    Leeds CD seems to be from the same source but was apparently mastered a bit
    better. It's a real shame that even the remastered Live At Leeds was edited down
    from this version. Young Man Blues, Shakin'All Over, My Generation and Magic Bus
    are all edited. Who's
    great idea was this? Whoever was responsible for this could
    use a course in "Rock 'n Roll, live,raw and unedited ! "The best sounding live album
    ever recorded
    "just became the best sounding album ever to be recorded. The Who
    have always interacted with their fans and audience and their wry wit comes through
    here. Nice to hear Sally Simpson, which the band did not always perform. For all of
    you wondering about Shakin' All Over w/ Spoonful, Spoonful is a song, not a guest
    performer doing Shakin' All Over with the Who! There also appear to be two versions
    of this particular CD
    . The second version is identical in every way to the first, (listed
    here) but includes as the last track on the second disc a Who version of Time Is
    which is not listed on the back cover and ranges in sound from good to fair.

    Please take a look at Luke Pacholski's page for an in-depth comparison of
    this bootleg recording with the expanded, remixed and remastered Live At
    Leeds. Quite interesting.

    There's also an interesting write-up regarding Live At Leeds Complete on
    Joe Giorgianni's page which is quite interesting and entertaining.

    CD 1

     1. Heaven And Hell
     2. I Can't Explain
     3. Fortune Teller
     4. Tattoo
     5. Young Man Blues
     6. Substitute
     7. Happy Jack
     8. I'm A Boy
     9. A Quick One
    10. Overture
    11. 1921
    12. Amazing Journey
    13. Sparks
    14. Eyesight to The Blind
    15. Christmas
    16. The Acid Queen
    17. Pinball Wizard

        CD 2

     1. Do You Think It's Alright
     2. Fiddle About
     3. Tommy Can You Hear Me?
     4. There's A Doctor
     5. Go To The Mirror!
     6. Miracle Cure
     7. Sally Simpson
     8. I'm Free
     9. Tommy's Holiday Camp
    10. We're Not Going To Take It
    11. Summertime Blues
    12. Shakin' All Over (w / Spoonful)
    13. My Generation
    14. Magic Bus