From Lifehouse To Leeds

    From Lifehouse To Leeds

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    Archives (LP) (TCR-2004)

    Venue: Studio and Live.
    Tracks: 1-6:   Studio Recordings - The Record Plant, New York.
    Tracks: 7-10:  University Refectory, Leeds, UK, Saturday, February 14, 1970
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Early Who versions recorded at the Record Plant, New York for the
    aborted Lifehouse project, which then became the material for "Who's Next". For
    those of you who might have wondered how PT's lead style got so mean sounding
    on Won't Get Fooled Again, that's Leslie West (from Mountain) playing lead on
    this version. (See liner-notes included on re-release of Who's Next.) Tracks 7 -10 on
    this CD were available in unedited form, though "mediocre mono sound" years before
    the updated and expanded re-release of Live At Leeds which has them all in
    "pristine stereo". This one's a "keeper"! Compare with the above listed CD's.

     1. Pure And Easy
     2. Won't Get Fooled Again
     3. Love Ain't For Keeping
     4. Behind Blue Eyes
     5. Baby Don't Do It
     6. Getting In Tune
     7. Young Man Blues
     8. Happy Jack
     9. I'm A Boy
    10. Shakin' All Over With Spoonful