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    Compare with;
    Lifehouse Live (CD) (KKR 42)
    From Lifehouse To Leeds (CD) (SCORPIO-S-90-10878)
    From Lifehouse To Leeds (CD) (TW-OR-9)
    Lifehouse At Leeds (CD) (Blue Kangaroo BK-09)

    Various Sources
    Recording: Audience / Soundboard
    Comments: All of this material is pretty much available on other releases. Of interest
    here is that Can't Explain, Happy Jack and I'm A Boy were bootlegged here long,
    long, long before the Live At Leeds remaster was released. The back cover incorrectly
    lists these tracks as "Live Recordings, 1968". The rest of the tracks are listed as
    "Studio Recordings Circa, 1967-1968". The song titles on the labels do not correspond
    with the track order. Compare the Leeds tracks with the Live At Leeds Complete CDs.

        Side 1

     1. That Motherland Feeling
     2. Rael
     3. Do The Strip

        Side 2

     1. Kill My Appetite
     2. Disguises
     3. Don't Look Away
     4. I'm A Boy
     5. Glow Girl

        Side 3

     1. Girls Eyes
     2. Top Gear
     3. Summertime Blues
     4. Radio One
     5. Happy Jack
     6. Radio One My Generation
     7. Coca Cola
     8. Signal-30
     9. Batman

        Side 4

     1. Glittering Girl
     2. Can't Explain
     3. Happy Jack (Live At Leeds)
     4. I'm A Boy (Live At Leeds)
     5. The Seeker (Live At Leeds)

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