Young Vic Rehearsals

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    My Generation Rehearsal (Track 5)

    Bonie Moronie (Track 17)

    Won’t Get Fooled Again (Failed) (Track 18)

    Tracks 1-10: Rehearsals at The Young Vic Theatre, Waterloo, London,
    England 1971
    Tracks 11-19: The Young Vic Theatre, Waterloo, South London, UK, Monday,
    April 26,1971
    Comments: Excellent soundboard recording of rehearsals and live performance for
    the Young Vic shows in April 1971. However, Bargain, Bony Moronie #1 and #2 and
    Unknown Jam are all incomplete and partial songs that either breakdown or end ab-
    ruptly. The rest of the songs are pretty complete and the mix is good. The only ex-
    ception is the beginning of Baby Don’t You Do It where Pete’s guitar is low in the
    mix but is fixed by the end of the song.

    The live songs from The Young Vic all sound excellent as well. The first version of
    Won’t Get Fooled Again is stopped when Pete realizes he is out of tune. He tunes
    up, and they try it again, and except for a glitch on the tape during the synth solo,
    the song is complete. Definitely worth getting being that Who studio outtakes are a
    pretty rare commodity.

     1. Baby Don’t You Do It (7:37)
     2. Bargain (1:41)
     3. Bony Moronie (:13)
     4. Unknown Jam (2:17)
     5. My Generation (4:36)
     6. Naked Eye #1 (2:49)
     7. Naked Eye #2 (4:08)
     8. Bony Moronie (2:16)
     9. Road Runner (3:09)
    10. Walking The Dog (2:10)
    11. Pinball Wizard (3:01)
    12. See Me Feel Me (6:50)
    13. Baby Don’t You Do It (5:38)
    14. My Generation (2:59)
    15. Road Runner (2:52)
    16. Naked Eye (6:42)
    17. Bony Moronie (3:55)
    18. Won’t Get Fooled Again (failed) (1:39)
    19. Won’t Get Fooled Again (8:37)

    Thanks to Kevin from Secaucus for the Information, Covers and MP3’s to this CD