Merry Christmas Mr. Who (and the song is just begun)

    Merry Christmas Mr. Who (and the song is just begun)

    Label / Index #
    LACD 1021, Golden Stars On The Road

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    Venue: Sundown Theatre, Edmonton, North London, UK, Sunday, December 23, 1973
    Comments: Another one of those rare 1973 Quadrophenia Tour shows which
    caused a lot of problems because of constant out-of-sync backing tapes. The Who
    had played the Sundown Theatre the previous evening as well as December 18th
    and 19th. This was the last show of 1973 and a pretty good one at that. Pete's
    guitar jams on 5:15 and Drowned are incredible. He combines some excellent string
    play with his trademark strums. Pete's lead guitar jam / improvisation is strongly re-
    miniscent of Deep Purple's "Woman From Tokyo"
    . PT and RD also interact with the
    audience way beyond just explaining Quadrophenia, there is also a good deal of
    banter and joking around. "Merry fucking Christmas" quips Pete. The subtitle (and
    the song is just begun)
    is actually taken from PT's stage announcement / and to
    my ears it sounds as though he's actually saying "and it's only just begun" based
    on the spoken context. If only the sound quality matched the performance. However,
    I'd still buy this one again based on performance alone!!! Compare with part
    two of this show listed above as well as
    "Merry Christmas Mr. Who" vol.1 (CD)
    (Black Panther BP-094) and "Merry Christmas Mr. Who" vol.2 (CD) (Black
    Panther BP-095).

    I Am The Sea - The Real Me
     2. Relay (sic Punk Meets The Godfather)
     3. I Am One
     4. 5:15
     5. Sea And The Sand
     6. Drowned
     7. Bellboy
     8. Doctor Jimmy
     9. Love Reign Over Me