The Punk Meets The Godfather, The Quadrophenia Demos 1973

    The Punk Meets The Godfather

    Label / Index #
    Whoopy Kat Records, WKP-0032

    Compare with;
    Lifehouse & Quadrophenia Demos 1970 & 1973 (CD) (Primadonna PD 086/087)
    The Punk Meets The Godfather (CD) (Red Robin (ROB-1044)

    Venue: "Recorded on 3M M23 8-track at Pete Townshend's Twickenham Home."
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Quadrophenia demos including some bonus Lifehouse demos. Compare
    with the titles listed above and see listing for Lifehouse and Genius of Pete Towns-
    listings as well.

     1. The Real Me
     2. The Dirty Jobs
     3. The Punk And The Godfather
     4. I'm One
     5. I've Had Enough
     6. Bell Boy
     7. Cut My Hair
     8. Brrr
     9. Drowned (rehearsal w/ band)
    10. I'm One (rehearsal w/ band)

        Bonus Tracks

    11. Pure And Easy
    12. Baba O'Riley
    13. Won't Get Fooled Again