Punk Meets The Godfather

    Punk Meets The Godfather

    Label / Index #
    Red Robin ROB-1044

    Compare with;
    Punk Meets The Godfather, The Quadrophenia Demos 1973 (CD) (Whoopy
    Kat Records, WKP-0032)

    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This features the same cover and track list as the Whoopy Kat issue
    listed above. Thus, Red Robin's record of "reissues" remains unblemished.

     1. The Real Me
     2. The Dirty Jobs
     3. The Punk And The Godfather
     4. I'm One
     5. I've Had Enough
     6. Bell Boy
     7. Cut My Hair
     8. Brrr
     9. Drowned (rehearsal w/ band)
    10. I'm One (rehearsal w/ band)

        Bonus Tracks

    11. Pure And Easy
    12. Baba O'Riley

Thanks to Matt W. for the cover to this CD.