Tangled Up In Who

    Tangled Up In Who

    Label / Index #
    Hiwatt / Cool Engine

    Tanglewood Music Shed, Lenox,Massachusetts, USA, Tuesday, July 7, 1970
    & various other live recordings.
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Absolutely stunning 2 disc set. There are some minor sound deviations
    at the beginning of most songs and dialogue, but these are quickly corrected. There
    is a flaw in Eysight To The Blind which runs directly into Christmas (not listed on
    the back cover) without changing track numbers and the "change-over" suffers a
    minor drop-out and becomes muddled for approx. 2-3 seconds. My Generation be-
    comes quite muddled half-way through. Between-song dialogue has been left intact
    which allows for a nice flowing feel to the show.This was the last show of the U.S.
    tour and also the last time The Who performed Tommy in it's (near) entirety in the
    U.S until the 25th Anniversary Tour in 1989. The packaging is quite impressive
    and features a beautiful laminated gatefold cover with picture cardboard inner
    sleeves. Disc one is red, disc two is blue, both state Cool Engine on them. Refer-
    ence to the "Hiwatt" label is only made on the back cover. Get it, listen to it and
    hang on to this one. If I’m not mistaken, Heaven And Hell, Can’t Explain and Water
    are featured on the 30 Years Of Maximum R&B video.

    Tracks Disc 1:Tanglewood Music Shed, Lenox, Massachusetts, USA
    Tracks Disc 2, 1-2: Tanglewood Music Shed, Lenox, Massachusetts, USA
    Tracks Disc 2, 3 & 6: Fillmore West, San Fransico, California, USA, June 18, 1969
    Tracks Disc 2, 4, 5 & 7:
    Fillmore West, San Fransico, Califorinia, USA, June 19, 1969
    (Flying To New York To Go To Court (CD) (Fire Power FP 016A, 016B)
    Track  Disc 2,  8:
    Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland, September 29, 1969
    (The First Complete Rock Opera (LP) (WH6929) et al}
    Tracks Disc 2, 9 & 10: The Young Vic, London, UK, April 26, 1971
    (Lifehouse Live (CD) (KKR 42) . Also compare the Young Vic tracks with the
    Who’s Next Deluxe Edition CD.

        CD 1

     1. Intro: Heaven And Hell
     2. I Can't Explain
     3. Water
     4. I Don't Even Know Myself
     5. Young Man Blues
     6. Overture / It's A Boy
     7. 1921
     8. Amazing Journey
     9. Sparks
    10. Eyesight To The Blind
    11. Acid Queen
    12. Pinball Wizard
    13. Do You Think It's Alright? / Fiddle About
    14. Tommy Can You Hear Me?
    15. There's A Doctor / Go To The Mirror
    16. Smash The Mirror
    17. Miracle Cure / I'm Free
    18. Tommy's Holiday Camp
    19. We're Not Gonna Take It
    20. See Me, Feel Me

        CD 2

     1. See Me, Feel Me (continued
     2. My Generation
     3. Boris The Spider
     4. Summertime Blues
     5. Shaking All Over (sic Shakin' All Over)
     6. Magic Bus
     7. Young Man Blues
     8. My Generation
     9. Naked Eye
    10. Too Much Of Anything