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    Compare with;
    Accept No Substitute (CD) (Big 011)
    Sparks On The Bay (CD) (OIL WELL, RSC CD 044)

    Shakin’ All Over

    Fillmore East, New York, USA, Wednesday, October 22, 1969
    Recording: Soundboard.
    Comments: Yet another CD featuring an "Unauthorised" live Who recording. Originally
    released “legitimately through international copyright loopholes, this is the Australian
    equivalent of the above listed CD's with the same off-speed tracking - quite notice-
    able on the sound clip of Shakin’ All Over provided above.

    1. Summertime Blues
    2. I Can't Explain
    3. Heaven and Hell
    4. Fortune Teller
    5. Young Man Blues
    6. Overture
    7. It's A Boy
    8. 1921
    9. Amazing Journey / Sparks
    10.Eyesight To The Blind / Miracle Cure "(Miracle Cure is actually a ,medley of
       "Christmas / See Me, Feel Me)"
    11.Shakin' All Over

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