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The Who in AustraliaThe Who in Australia

The aim of this site is to gather and make available as much information as possible on The Who and their Australian record (vinyl!) releases and performances. If you have any additions and/or corrections to the information supplied here please contact me at australia AT thewho DOT net. All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged. I am particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has recollections or memorabilia relating to the 1968 tour.

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The Who - Australian Tour - March 2009!!!
The good folk at Andrew McManus are bringing The Who back to Australia!! Tickets available now from for all shows except Perth and Hope Estate which are via Ticketmaster. The following dates are now confirmed:

March 24 Brisbane Entertainment Centre
March 26 Adelaide Entertainment Centre
March 28 Hope Estate Winery *** NEW ***
March 29 Melbourne Grand Prix
March 31 Acer Arena Sydney
April 4 Members Equity Stadium Perth

Click here to read the press release from Andrew McManus. Also announced is a concert on March 21 at North Harbour Stadium, Auckland. More news as it comes to hand. If you know anything more - please drop me an email!

A Fortnight of Furore

A Fortnight of Furore by Andy Neill

Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the 1968 tour, ordering details for this great publication about the 1968 tour are now updated!

*** BUT WAIT THERE's MORE! Andy has also penned a fab new article on the tour for issue #27 of Ugly Things magazine, available mid-August 2008.

To the J-Files caller who mentioned this site on JJJ I still salute you!

Dig some new Who - the new album, Endless Wire, is out now in Australian stores!! BUT... fans may want to source a copy from the US or UK which includes a bonus "Live At Lyon" CD. A version released through Best Buy stores in the US includes an additional "Live At Lyon" DVD!! The single Endless Wire remains available in most major music stores downunder.

Check out Casbah Club - Simon Townshend's new band with Bruce Foxton (The Jam) and Mark Brzezicki (Big Country).

Following on from the 2004 world record (for a Who concert poster - 20,000 UK pounds or approx $50,000AUD) sale by Christies for an original New Zealand (Wellington) poster from the '68 tour (below left), another NZ poster, this time from Auckland emerged in 2005 (below middle). It sold at Christies in 2005 for 20,400 UK pounds setting yet another record. But wait - there's more! Yet another Wellington poster has appeared and due to appear at Christies London in May 2006, this one in exceptional shape! (below right).
Wellington Big Show PosterAuckland Big Show PosterWellington Big Show Poster #2

Also in 2005 what seemed to be an original poster from Sydney sold for approx $1,700AUD on Ebay (below).
Sydney Big Show Poster

Tommy DVD slick

Tommy DVD Competition Winners Announced!

Great news! Umbrella Entertainment have released a new DVD version of Ken Russell's "Tommy". The new DVD features interviews with Pete, Roger, Ken Russell and Ann Margret. Click here to see if you are a winner! Also, don't forget to check out the range of exciting titles available from Umbrella Entertainment!
(Click on the DVD cover image at left for a full image of the cover slick)

Umbrella Entertainment

2004 Australian Tour - The Wrapup

Well they came and they conquered! For set lists, photos and video from the shows check out Pete's site at When time permits I'll set up some pages here with other photos from the shows (contributions welcome!). Below shots are from the first Sydney show on the 28th of July (with thanks to Alan W.).


Clearasil MoonieAustralian Tour Information

  1. 1968 - The Big Show
  2. 1995 - Who's Coming?
  3. 2000 - Ultimate Rock Symphony
  4. 2004 - This section coming soon...

Australian Discographies

  1. The Who
  2. Roger Daltrey
  3. John Entwistle
  4. Keith Moon
  5. Pete Townshend
  6. Kenny Jones
  7. Simon Townshend and others..

Odds & Sods

  1. Aussie Who bootlegs
  2. Some Who rarities
  3. Aussie Fan Club Newsletters
  4. Aussie cover versions
  5. Keith on stage in Tommy - 1973
  6. TV appearances
  7. Who sale/trade list
  8. Current Fan Club Info
  9. Acknowledgments

Some of my favourite links for further information on The Who:

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  • The John Entwistle Home Page - official site for the Ox, gone but never forgotten!
  • - a great resource for Who fans!
  • Simon Townshend's Official Site - official site, buy his music and (of course) read the blog!
  • Casbah Club Simon Townshend's new band with Bruce Foxton (The Jam) and Mark Brzezicki (Big Country)
  • Joe Giorgianni's Who Page - great site for us vinyl freaks
  • The Who Guitar Page - Guitar tabs at
  • Guitar tab at Olga
  • Subscription info for The Who mailing list
  • Odds & Sods mailing list

    Whilst I try to ensure that the above links remain current please email me if you find one that is no longer working.

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