Tommy Live

    Tommy Live

    Label / Index #
    The Early Years 02-CD-3312

    Compare with;
    Tommy Live (CD) (Fabbri Editori, of "I miti del rock 1993 n?23, 1993)

    Venue: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland, Monday, September 29, 1969
    Recording: Soundboard (presumed)
    Comments: This CD comes with a booklet which has on the left side of the gatefold
    a picture circa 1969 in front of a hurdy gurdy (?). The right gatefold is from the Kids
    Are Alright
    film during the Won't Get Fooled Again sequence when Roger is stand-
    ing with his arms thrust out to the side with the blue lights behind him. The third
    seems to be from the Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus and has The Who perform-
    ing with Moon dressed as a clown in white face. Pete intro's Tommy by saying: "I
    think (at this) time we're going to play for you now the Overture to Tommy then carry
    on through the rock opera Tommy the story of a deaf dumb and blind boy. Hope you
    enjoy it. It's a long haul.
    " Roger flubs a lyric in 1921. Townshend seems to be having
    a difficult time keeping up with the strumming on Pinball Wizard. Compare with the
    title listed above.

     2. It's A Boy
     3. 1921
     4. Amazing Journey
     5. Sparks
     6. Eysight To The Blind
     7. Christmas
     8. Acid Queen
     9. Pinball Wizard
    10. Do You Think It's Alright
    11. Fiddle About
    12. Tommy Can You Hear Me
    13. There's A Doctor I've Found
    14. Go To The Mirror
    15. Smash The Mirror
    16. I'm Free
    17. Tommy's Holiday Camp
    18. We're Not Gonna Take It
    19. Summertime Blues

Thanks to Glenn Gillis for the information to this CD.