Tommy Live

    Tommy Live

    Label / Index #
    Fabbri Editori, of "I miti del rock 1993 n?23, 1993

    Compare with;
    Delay (CD) (WPOCM 0989 D036-2)
    Tommy Live (CD) (The Early Years 02-CD-3312)

    Venue: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland, Monday, September 29, 1969
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This collection is quite similar to Tommy Live (CD) (The Early Years
    and may actually be (from) the same show. There are, however, a few
    notable differences. The covers are different and this particular disc comes with a
    booklet insert. Once again, this is a Tommy only disc. Compare with the above list-
    ed titles.

     1. Ouverture (sic Overture)
     2. It's a boy
     3. 1951 (sic 1921)
     4. Amazing Journey
     5. Sparks
     6. Eyesight to the Blind
     7. Christmas / Acid Queen
     8. Pinball Wizard
     9. Do you Think It's Alright
    10. Fiddle About
    11. Tommy Can You Hear Me
    12. There's A Doctor
    13. Go To the Mirror / Smash the Mirror
    14. I'm Free
    15. Tommy's Holiday Camp
    16. We're Not Gonna Take It / See Me Feel Me
    17. Young Man Blues
    18. Substitute
    19. Happy Jack

Thanks to Matteo Parazzi from Italy for the info and cover to this CD.