Who's Zoo

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    Index Numbers: 62001 (Matrix: CA-012-1A / CA-013-2A)

    Compare with;
    Who’s Zoo (CD) (TMOQ 62001)
    Who's Zoo Two (CD) (Tendolar TDR- 017)

    Who's Zoo (LP) (TMQ W 556)
    Who's Zoo (LP) (200)
    Who's Zoo (LP) (200 CID)
    Who's Zoo (LP) (Box Top Records)

    Venue: Studio and Live
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This is an extremely rare Japanese double CD version of the probably
    most bootlegged WHO LP,
    Who's Zoo (LP) (TMQ W 556). It’s unknown how many
    copies of this CD were made but this is the only copy I’ve ever seen in all of my years
    collecting. This CD comes in a double CD case with a front and back insert on good
    stock. Aside from the covers and printing on the CD there is no other information pro-
    vided with the packaging. Otherwise, this is identical to the other TMOQ Who’s Zoo
    CD and the LP(s). The recording presented here is flawless. No static or pops were

        CD 1

      1964 - The High Numbers
     1. I'm The Face
     2. Zoot Suit
      1965 - The Who

     3. Bald-Headed Woman
     4. Daddy Rolling Stone
     5. Anytime You Want Me
     6. Shout and Shimmy
     7. I'm A Man


     8. Waltz For A Pig
     9. Batman
    10. Bucket "T"
    11. Barbera Ann
    12. Disguises
    13. Circles
    14. I'm A Boy
    15. In The City
    16. I've Been Away
    17. Heat Wave

        CD 2


     1. The Last Time
     2. Under My Thumb
     3. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand


    4. Dogs


     5. Dogs Part Two


     6. Here For More
     7. Heaven and Hell


     8. When I Was A Boy

    Live Television Broadcasts

     9. Daddy Rolling Stone - shindig
    10. Can't Explain - Shindig
    11. My Generation - Shindig
    12. I Can See For Miles - Smothers Brothers
    13. My Generation – Smothers Brothers
    14. Anyway, Anywhere, Anyhow - Richmond Jazz Festival (Shindig)
    15. Shout - Richmond Jazz Festival (Shindig)