Who’s Zoo Two

    Who's Zoo Two

    Label / Index #
    Tendolar TDR- 017

    Compare with;
    Who’s Zoo (CD) (TMOQ 62001)
    Who’s Zoo (CD) (TMOQ 62001)

    Who's Zoo (LP) (TMQ W 556)

    Venue: Studio and various live cuts
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: The speed is too fast on a few songs making The Who sound like "The
    Chipmunks". This boot is a blend of old singles / B-sides, live Who, and studio out-
    takes. The Air Force commercial is nice -- hearing Townshend spin for the USAF is
    interesting. The Who Sell Out songs on this CD are in mono which takes away the
    psychdelic effect. Eyesight to the Blind has Daltrey with an alternate vocal take.
    Compare this LP listed above.

    Tracks 1-5: Early Singles and B-Sides
          6-9: Live at the Richmond Jazz and Blues Festival 1965
         10,13: Early Commercials
         11: Alternate Version on French EP
         12: Alternate Version
         14-19: Who Sell Out Mono Versions
         20-22: First US Radio Concert 1966
         23: Studio Version from "House That Track Built"
         24-25: Rare Versions from Vinyl Mix of "Meaty, Beaty"
         26: Now Deleted Alternate Vocal Take

     1. Bald Headed Woman
     2. Lubie Come Back
     3. Motoring
     4. Anyway You Want Me
     5. Shout & Shimmy
     6. Daddy Rolling Stone
     7. I Can't Explain
     8, My Generation
     9. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
    10. Join the Air Force!
    11. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
    12. Substitute
    13. Great Shakes
    14. Armenia, City in the Sky
    15. Mary Anne With the Shaky Hands
    16. Odorono
    17. Tattoo
    18. Our Love Was, Is
    19. I Can See For Miles
    20. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
    21. Substitute
    22. My Generation
    23. Young Man Blues
    24. Magic Bus
    25. Call Me Lightening
    26. Eyesight to the Blind

Thanks to Kenny Sahr for information to this CD.