Lifehouse Demos

    Lifehouse Demos

    Label / Index #
    Yellow Dog Records YD

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    Lifehouse & Quadrophenia Demos 1970 & 1973 (CD) (Primadonna PD 086/087)
    The Lifehouse Demos (CD) (Howdy!)
    P.T. Demos For The Who - Lifehouse- Demos 1970/71 (CD) (HIWATT HI 7071)
    Pure And Easy (CD) (Chapter One)

    Venue: Studio
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments:  Tracks 1-7: Lifehouse Demos. Tracks 8-11: Various early Townshend
    demos. Quality: Tracks 1-9: Very Very Good to Excellent!. Tracks 10-11: Some tape
    hiss, but its neat to hear these Rael Demos. (Similar to Rael 2 on the Who Sell Out
    reissue.) Note: Wrong spelling of "Townshend" on cover.

     1. Pure And Easy (Same as The Punk Meets The Godfather)
     2. Behind Blue Eyes (Same as "legit" Scoop?)
     3. Love Ain't For Keeping
     4. Mary (Same as on legit Scoop? This one is longer)
     5. Getting In Tune
     6. Going Mobile
     7. Too Much Of Anything
     8. Magic Bus
     9. Party & Lies
    10. Motherland Feeling
    11. Rael

Thanks to John Bowes for the info and cover to this disc.