Pete Townshend: Not So Pure, Not So Easy!

    Pete Townshend: Not So Pure, Not So Easy

    Label / Index #
    Tendolar TDR-028

    Compare with;
    Brixton 1985 (CD) (Wild Street WS 001A/B)

    The Brixton Academy, UK, November, 1985
    Comments: This is with all likelihood from the FM radio broadcast from either No-
    vember 1
    or November 2, 1985 with David Gilmour on guitar.

     1. Mary Ann With The Shaky Hands
     2. Won't Get Fooled Again
     3. A Little Is Enough
     4. Harlem Shuffle
     5. Barefootin'
     6. Behind Blue Eyes
     7. Second Hand Love
     8. Save It For Later
     9. The Ship Has No Captain
    10. Magic Bus
    11. That's Alright
    12. Love On The Air
    13. The Sea Refuses No River
    14. Pinball Wizard
    15. Give Blood
    16. Night Train