100 % Loud Noise (Live At The L.A. Forum)

    100 % Loud Noise

    Label / Index #
    Phonygraf / Wizardo

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    Venue: Los Angeles Forum, Los Angeles California, USA, Thursday, November 22,

    Recording: Audience
    Comments: The cover reads “The Who 100 % Loud Noise 1974 Live At The L.A.
    " (see cover pic) With titles like this, it's little wonder why it's difficult to
    identify some bootlegs titles. You pick the one title you best. 2 evenings prior at the
    Cow Palace, Keith Moon passes out during the show. Compare with the titles listed

        Side 1

     1. Mary Ann With The Shakey Hand (Studio)
     2. Real Me
     3. Punk Meets The Godfather
     4. I Am One
     5. Helpless Dancer

        Side 2

     1. Sea & Sand
     2. Drowned
     3. Can't Explain
     4. Summertime Blues
     5. My Generation

Thanks to "Grogo" from Germany for the information and cover to this LP.

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