Live At The Forum '73

    Live At The Forum '73    Live At The Forum '73 (Colored Vinyl)

    Label / Index #
    K&S 048

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    100 % Loud Noise (LP) (Phonygraf / Wizardo)

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    Live At The Forum '73 (LP) (PIG'S EYE 9)
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    Rock And Roll Who-Chee-Koo (LP) (PIG'S EYE)

    Venue: Los Angeles Forum, Los Angeles California, USA, Thursday, November 22, 1973
    Comments: This is a K&S issue limited number pressing on multi-colored vinyl
    taken from the Pigs Eye plates. Perhaps different covers were used or the two
    covers above might have been use as front and back inserts. Compare with the above
    listed titles.

    Side 1

     1. Mary Ann With The Shakey Hand (Studio)
     2. Real Me
     3. Punk Meets The Godfather
     4. I Am One
     5. Helpless Dancer

        Side 2

     1. Sea & Sand
     2. Drowned
     3. Can't Explain
     4. Summertime Blues
     5. My Generation

Thanks to "Audiobag" for the scans to this LP.

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