Label / Index #
    TMOQ 72018
    (possibly also as TMOQ 2812)

    Compare With;
    Jaguar (LP) (TMOQ)
    Jaguar Anyone? (LP) (TAKRL 2936)
    Jaguar, Anyone? (LP) (PHOENIX 44783)

    Venue: Studio and Fillmore East, New York City, USA, Friday, April 5,1968
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Apparently this is identical to Jaguar (LP) (TMOQ) except that this
    particular LP is an inferior pressing. It is presumed that the recording is soundboard
    and the track list is identical. NOTE the index # location on the cover. This index # is
    MISSING from the cover of Jaguar (LP) (TMOQ). Hot Wacks may have a typ-o in
    their list ‘cause no one’s been able to verify the documented TMOQ 2812 #.

        Side 1

     1. A Quick One While He's Away
     2. Easy Going Guy (sic My Way)
     3. Shakin' All Over
     4. Baby Don't Ya Do It (sic Baby Don't You Do It)

        Side 2

     1. When I Was A Boy
     2. Let's See Action
     3. Join Together
     4. I Don't Even Know Myself
     5. Water

        Side 3

     1. Postcard
     2. Early Morning Cold Taxi
     3. Jaguar
     4. Summertime Blues
     5. Easy Going Guy (sic My Way)
     6. Young Man Blues

        Side 4

     1. Waspman
     2. Relay
     3. The Last Time
     4. In The City
     5. Dogs

Thanks to “Nanook ot the North” for the cover to this LP.

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