Jaguar, Anyone?

    Jaguar, Anyone?   Jaguar, Anyone? (Back)

    Label / Index #
    PHOENIX 44783

    Compare With;
    Jaguar (LP) (TMOQ)
    Jaguar (LP) (TMOQ 2812)
    Jaguar Anyone? (LP) (TAKRL 2936)

    Venue: Studio and Fillmore East, New York City, USA, Friday, April 5,1968
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Good selection of songs despite some mono mixes. There are several
    different covers that were used with different releases. The back cover features a
    b&w photo of PT above which is written: "Twenty -One Toones Of Various Interest
    (On Stage And In The Studio)". The TMOQ release of this LP usually came with a
    yellow paper insert as the cover. This LP is a reissue of Jaguar Anyone? (LP)
    (TAKRL 2936)

          Side 1

     1. A Quick One While He's Away
     2. My Way
     3. Shakin' All Over
     4. Baby Don't You Do It

        Side 2

     1. When I Was A Boy
     2. Let's See Action
     3. Join Together
     4. I Don't Even Know Myself
     5. Water

        Side 3

     1. Postcard
     2. Early Morning Cold Taxi
     3. Jaguar
     4. Summertime Blues
     5. My Way
     6. Young Man Blues

        Side 4

     1. Wasp Man
     2. The Relay
     3. The Last Time
     4. Dogs
     5. Naked Eye

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