The Who vs. Bizarre Mr. Pig

    The Who vs. Bizarre Mr. Pig   The Who vs. Bizarre Mr. Pig (Colored Vinyl)

    Label / Index #

    Compare with;
    Radio London (LP) (Berkley Records B 2012)
    Radio London (LP) (TMOO 71077 or TMOQ 71077)
    Radio London (LP) (Blockbuster TMQ71077)
    Radio London (LP) (TMOQ)
    The WHO vs. BIZARRE MR. PIG (LP) (TMOQ 71077)

    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Some copies claim to be TMOQ 71077. Also reissued as Berkely 2012,
    possibly even K&S Records? Aside from Ed Hanel’s The Who The Illustrated Disc-
    , there is no other documentation or mention of a reissue as Berkely 2012 to
    be found. And, as can be seen, this IS the K&S (re)issue. Young Man Blues was
    also released on Who's Zoo Two (CD) (Tendolar TDR- 017) Compare with the
    titles listed above.

        Side 1

     1. The Seeker (Different breaks from official release)
     2. Water
     3. It Really Didn't Happen That Way At All (sic Naked Eye) (Early take)
     4. I Don't Even Know Myself

        Side 2

     1. We're Having A Lovely Time (sic Postcard) (usually listed as the last cut on side 1)
     2. Early Morning Cold Taxi ( A RD / Langston song uncredited)
     3. Grace Space Race (sic Jaguar)
     4. Summertime Blues (Track sampler)
     5. My Way
     6. Young Man Blues (studio)

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