This Is For Them

    This Is For Them

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    Compare with;
    79 Tour Gonna Rape You!! (LP) (VINYL DREAMS WH 803002)
    Long Live Rock (American Tour 79) (LP) (WALL RECORDS SX506)
    Stampede (LP) (BLACK GOLD CONCERTS BN 1980)

    Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York, Tuesday, December 4, 1979
    Recording: Audience
    Comments: This is the show following the tragic Riverfront Coliseum the night before.
    The Who were still reeling from the shock of the tragedy. No sound check on this
    evening but still a great show. The back cover features b&w pics of the band on
    stage ca. 1976. The center hole labels are green and orange and feature a UFO
    stating "UFO records".

        Side 1

     1. Substitute
     2. Can't Explain
     3. Baba O'Riley
     4. Punk Meets The Godfather
     5. Boris The Spider

        Side 2

     1. Music Must Change
     2. Drowned

        Side 3

     1. Who Are You
     2. 5:15
     3. Pinball Wizard
     4. See Me, Feel Me

        Side 4

     1. My Generation
     2. I Can See For Miles
     3. Sparks
     4. Dance It Away
     5. Won't Get Fooled Again

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