Who Is This?

    Who Is This?

    Label / Index #

    Compare with;
    Live In Munich (LP) (Pigs Eye 7)
    Who Is This? (LP) (W-100)

    Deutsches Museum, Munich, (West) Germany, Monday, September 4, 1972
    Comments: 12th show of the 1972 European tour. This was released on several diff-
    erent labels. The index # for this LP (DL 75065) is almost the same number used for
    The Who's legit Decca release of Magic Bus, The On Tour LP (DL 75064). This LP
    may be a "collaborative" effort between the different manufacturerst. There does not
    appear to be any rationale to the usage of so many label names. This is a European
    bootleg and features a color cover. Compare with the titles listed above.

        Side 1

     1. Can't Explain
     2. Summertime Blues
     3. My Wife
     4. Baba O'Riley
     5. Behind Blue Eyes

        Side 2

     1. Magic Bus
     2. Uncle Rily (sic Relay

Thanks to Robert Drehman from Germany for the cover to this LP.

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