Who Is This?

    Who Is This?

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    Compare with;
    Live In Munich (LP) (Pigs Eye 7)
    Who Is This? (LP) (RUBBER DUBBER DL 75065)

    Deutsches Museum, Munich, West Germany, Monday, September 4, 1972
    Comments: This LP is most often packaged as a double album with sides 3 & 4 con-
    sisting of Fillmore East. The labels on this LP are lime green in color and feature pics
    of of The Who, PT, KM as well as the cover pic. The back cover is white with the
    titles listed in B&W. Some titles are misspelled on the back cover as well as on the

        Side 1

     1. Summertime Blues
     2. My Wife
     3. Baba O' Rilly (sic Baba O'Riley, the label reads "Baba O'Rily)
     4. Behind Blue Eyes

        Side 2

     1. Magic Bus
     2. Uncle Rily (sic Relay)

        Side 3

     1. Fortune Teller
     2. Tattoo
     3. Little Billy
     4. Can't Explain
     5. Happy Jack

        Side 4

     1. Relax
     2. A Quick One While He's Away
     3. Easy Goin' Guy (sic My Way)
     4. Shaking All Over
     5. Boris The Spider

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