Who’s On The BBC (Tonight)

    Who's On The BBC (Tonight)

    Label / Index #
    Bird Brain BBR 005)

    Compare with;
    Who's On The BBC Tonight (JESTER PRODUCTIONS JP 110)

    The BBC Sessions 1965-1968 (Triangle Records PY CD 20, 1988)

    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This appears to be identical to "Who's On The BBC Tonight". Judging
    from the info submitted. Track 7, side 2 appears to be from the regular 1966 "Ready
    Steady Who" release. Track 8 is listed as being from the Smothers Brothers TV
    show, 1968. The packaging contains an insert of Daltrey singing (Circa Woodstock)
    with track listing. The jacket is orange in color. The back cover contains the track
    listing and line up written in red and black ink. The center hole label is orange and
    depicts the "Bird Brain" symbol with the tracks written in black pen. Compare with
    the titles listed above.

        Side 1

     1. Just You And Me
     2. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
     3. My Generation
     4. Substitute
     5. A Man With Money
     6. Dancin' In The Street
     7. Disguises

        Side 2

     1. I'm A Boy
     2. So Sad (sic So Sad About Us)
     3. Good Lovin'
     4. It's Gone
     5. Summertime Blues
     6. Pictures Of Lily
     7. Batman
     8. I Can See For Miles

Thanks to Dan Toleben and Grogo from Germany for the info to this LP.

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