Who's Zoo

    Who's Zoo

    Label / Index #
    TMOQ 62001

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    Who's Zoo (LP) (TMQ W 556)
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    Venue: Studio and Live
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This may well be one of the best boots that's ever come to market.
    Many songs at the time of this release were difficult to get hold as they were unre-
    leased in the U.S. The collection here is still by any standard very good. The cover,
    yet another William Stout rendition, alone makes this LP worth having. It features PT
    as a camel highlighting his nose and long facial features. RD's long curly mane turns
    him in to a lion. JAE is featured as an Ox and KM is rendered as an ape / monkey
    with a banana. One copy of this LP came with a blueish cover instead of the red /
    yellow cover.

        Side 1

      1964 - The High Numbers
     1. I'm The Face
     2. Zoot Suit
      1965 - The Who

     3. Bald-Headed Woman
     4. Daddy Rolling Stone
     5. Anytime You Want Me
     6. Shout and Shimmy
     7. I'm A Man


     8. Waltz For A Pig

        Side 2

      1966 (continued)

     1. Batman
     2. Bucket "T"
     3. Barbera Ann
     4. Disguises
     5. Circles
     6. I'm A Boy
     7. In The City
     8. I've Been Away
     9. Heat Wave

        Side 3


     1. The Last Time
     2. Under My Thumb
     3. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand


    4. Dogs


     5. Dogs Part Two


     6. Here For More
     7. Heaven and Hell


     8. When I Was A Boy

        Side 4

      Live Television Broadcasts

     1. Daddy Rolling Stone - shindig
     2. Can't Explain - Shindig
     4. My Generation - Shindig
     5. I Can See For Miles - Smothers Brothers
     6. Anyway, Anywhere, Anyhow - Richmond Jazz Festival (Shindig)
     7. Shout - Richmond Jazz Festival (Shindig)

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