Rough Boy

    Rough Boy

    Label / Index #
    Music Of Distinction MOD 1007

    Compare with;
    Obscure & Oblique (LP) (PT ZST)
    Pure 'n' Easy (LP) (Penguin Records Project Egg Three)
    Rough Boy (LP) (Music Of Distinction MOD 1007)

    Pure And Easy (CD) (Chapter One)
    Wild Action (CD) (Fire Power FP-028)

    Tracks 1-8: The Roundhouse Theatre, London, UK, April 14, 1974
    Tracks: 9-11: Meher Baba Studio Session, 1970
    Recording: Audience and Soundboard
    Comments: This is identical to the PT LP Rough Boy listed above in beautiful multi-
    colored vinyl from the same manufacturer. This appears to be a copy of the LPs
    Obscure & Oblique (LP) (PT ZST)
    , Pure 'n' Easy (LP) (Penguin Records Project
    Egg Three)
    and Wild Action (CD) (Fire Power FP-028) with The Loved Man and
    Sleeping Dog from the PT Meher Baba LP's thrown in for some odd reason. All
    instruments played by Pete Townshend. The setlist states track 12 -
    If I were A
    - was recorded in the studio. However, it is a live track. Not 100% certain
    whether this may indeed be from the Roundhouse show but it looks as though it
    probably is.
    Compare with the above listed titles.

        Side 1

     1. Big Boss Man
     2. You Can Join My Band
     3. Behind Blue Eyes
     4. N.Y.C. Blues
     5. Girl From North Country
     6. Corinna, Corinna

        Side 2

     1. Lets See Action
     2. My Generation / My Generation II (First demo versions from Pete's home)
     3. The Loved Man
     4. Sleeping Dog
     5. Begin The Beguine
     6. If I Were A Carpenter