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Submission Policy

About this page

Requirements for transcriptions submitted to Whotabs.

Most of the almost 468 transcriptions available on Whotabs are original submissions to Whotabs. However, because Whotabs is an aggregation of a previously existing Who guitar archive (see Background), some transcription files that were inherited may not meet these submission standards. (As of Dec. 2001, only eight or so files remain from before Whotabs’ inception.)

Please note:

The transcriptions posted herein are the respective transcribing author’s own work and represent their interpretations of the songs. You may only use these files for private study, scholarship, or research. All copyrighted songs, lyrics, recorded works, music — whether written, recorded or performed by The Who, its members or subsequent cover artists and whether attributed appropriately or not — and/or anything else related to The Who, its members or published works that are represented or referenced herein are property of the original author or publisher.

The transcribers who have contributed their transcriptions to this site receive no compensation. Whotabs strictly forbids advertising, affiliated linking or any other mechanism to generate income, and receives no other support or income, other than the contributions of transcriptions. For more information, see Terms of Use.

Whotabs accepts transcriptions for inclusion in the Whotabs archive under the following conditions:

  1. The transcription is your own interpretation of the song and is transcribed by ear.
  2. The transcription is not plagiarized from any published source (e.g., published transcription book, magazine, etc.). Whotabs will not knowingly accept a transcription that has been taken from any published material.
  3. As transcriber submitting to Whotabs, you will neither solicit nor accept any compensation related to your transcription or submission thereof.
  4. The transcription provides credit to the title of the song, the artist, the source (e.g., the album name), the author and, if available, the publishing entity.
  5. The transcriber submits the transcription for inclusion on his or her own behalf. If someone submits a transcription on behalf of a transcriber, the transcriber must provide his or her agreement that Whotabs may host the transcription.
  6. The transcription follows the traditional format outlined for transcriptions, whether tablature or chord.
  7. The transcription, if a replacement for an existing transcription, improves upon that transcription and includes appropriate credit to the author of the previous transcription.

If you have questions or would like to submit a transcription, complete our feedback form.

For tips and details on how to transcribe, including formatting guidelines, see “Reading Transcriptions” in Site Resources.