A Stereo Quick One (While Pete's Away)

    A Stereo Quick One (While Pete's Away)

    Label / Index#
    Wholiday WH006

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    Run Run Run

    Venue: Studio
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Yet another release from the folks at the Wholiday label. What a real
    joy to hear some of Townshend's early rhythm guitar again and again and again....
    This is actually not so much a bootleg as it is a copy of the legitimate European /
    German stereo version of the A Quick One LP which was neither released in the
    U.S nor any other part of the world. This does include tracks & takes which were not
    released on the original. So this really neither qualifies as a "pirate" nor as a "count-
    erfeit" CD. Perhaps it does fall more in to the category of "bootleg". However, if
    you're a true afficionado, this is a "must have".

     1. Run Run Run
     2. Boris The Spider
     3. I Need You
     4. Whiskey Man
     5. Heat Wave
     6. Cobwebs And Strange
     7. Happy Jack
     8. Don't Look Away
     9. See My Way
    10. So Sad About Us
    11. A Quick One While He's Away
    12. I'm A Boy
    13. Substitute

Thank you to Owen Gwilliam for the cover scan to this CD.