The Who '66

    Who '66

    Label / Index #
    Polyboy WHO-66

    Compare with;
    A Quick One (While Pete’s Away) (CD) (Wholiday WH006)
    Pop Goes Art (CD) (Hiwat GPS 26833038 A/B)


    Studio (1 live track)
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This CD utilizes the identical cover of German LP version of A Quick
    One released in 1966. The CD comes packaged in a gatefold digi pack. The inside
    cover features a exerpt from Nick Jones from Melody Maker magazine describing
    The Who’s sound. Furthermore, the individual band members are introduced. The
    back cover states “The Original German Edition of the Who’s secon album, issued
    in 1966. Assembled on this CD are all the STEREO / MONO-mixes NOT available
    anymore, for one reason or another, on CD.
    ” Compare with the title listed above.

    Thanks to Matt Whipple for the cover and information to this CD.

     1. Run, Run, Run (original mono-mix)
     2. Heatwave (stereo-mix)
     3. In The City (mono-mix)
     4. Boris The Spider (stereo-mix)
     5. I Need You (stereo-mix)
     6. Circles (duophonic)
     7. Don't Look Away (stereo-mix)
     8. You See My Way (stereo-mix)
     9. Whiskey Man (stereo-mix)
    10. Cobwebs and Strange (stereo-mix)
    11. Disguises (stereo-mix)
    12. I'm A Boy (stereo-mix)
    13. So Sad About Us (stereo-mix)
    14. A Quick One While He's Away (stereo-mix)

    15. Batman (mono-mix)
    16. Bucket "T" (rehearsals/stereo-mix)
    17. Barbara Ann (stereo-mix)
    18. Doctor, Doctor (stereo-mix)
    19. I've Been Away (mono-mix)
    20. Happy Jack (stereo-mix)
    21. Signal 30 (unreleased)
    22. Batman (instrumental take 1-unreleased)


    23. Disguises (Pete Townshend solo-demo-unreleased)
    24. I'm A Boy (Pete Townshend solo-demo-unreleased)
    25. Daddy Rolling Stone (live at SHINDIG-US-TV, October 1965)