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    Pop Goes Art (CD 2)
       CD 2

    Label / Index #
    Hiwatt GPS 2683038-A/B

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    You Rang

    Sodding About (aka; Signal 30)

    I Can See For Miles


    Recording:  Soundboard
    Comments: Excellent soundboard recordings from The Who’s A Quick One and
    Sell Out period material. Once again Hiwatt presents us with an insanely BEAUTI-
    FUL package with fantastic color depictions ranging form the front cover to the en-
    closed 20 page booklet including a
    Nik Cohn article entitled "
    More Noise, More Size
    More Sex - The Who" where the whole "pop goes art
    " WHO phenomenon is dis-
    cussed. CD 2 reverses tracks 9 (Sodding About) & 10 (Coke After Coke). Track 9
    is actually Coke After Coke and track 10 should be Sodding About
    . Additionally, So
    Sad About Us
    is about 1/4 the volume of the rest of the tracks. There is also some
    choppy editing between a few of the songs in the middle of the disc. Otherwise, this
    is an aptly titled set! The artwork alone makes this set worth having. “Hiwatt, you’ve
    done it again.”

    CD 1 Tracks 1-13: Complete, original (not remixed) flat master STEREO version of
    A Quick One.
        Tracks 14-26: Complete, original (not remixed) flat master MONO version of
    The Who Sell Out as it was meant to be heard with the different mono versions.
    “Both of the above in walloping, breathtaking sound…from the flat
    masters that convey the original intent and sensibility of the era.”
    Disc One Produced By Kit Lambert

    CD 2: “Brings together the incidental bits of the era not represented in The WHO
    official catalog for "whatever" reason."”
    Tracks 8, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18 are the original 1960’s mixes
    Tracks 24- 25: Oklahoma State Fair Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA,
    July 21, 1967

        CD 1

     1. Run Run Run
     2. Boris The Spider
     3. I Need You
     4. Whiskey Man
     5. Heatwave
     6. Cobwebs And Strange
     7. Happy Jack
     8. I'm A Boy
     9. Disguises
    10. Don't Look Away
    11. See My Way
    12. So Sad About Us
    13. A Quick One While He's Away
    14. Armenia - City In The Sky
    15. Heinz Baked Beans
    16. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
    17. Odorono
    18. Tattoo
    19. Our Love Was
    20. I Can See For Miles
    21. I Can't Reach You
    22. Medac
    23. Relax
    24. Silas Stingy
    25. Sunrise
    26. Rael

        CD 2

     1. Run Run Run
     2. Disguises
     3. Don't Look Away
       (demo versions recorded 1966)
     4. Pictures Of Lily (IBC Studio rehearsal, IBC Studios, London, April, 1967)
     5. I'm A Boy (early studio version, IBC Studios, London, August, 1966)
     6. So Sad About Us (BBC Radio Saturday Club, Recorded September 13, 1966)
     7. You Rang? (Ready Steady Go BBC TV, December 24, 1965)
     8. Batman 2 (inst) IBC, London, Aug 66 (original 60's mix)
     9. Sodding About (aka Signal 30) London 1966 or 1967
    10. Coke After Coke (London late 1967 original mix)
    11. Hall Of The Mountain King (Kingsway Studio, October 1967
    12. My Favorite Station / My Way / Great Shakes (BBC Studios, London,
       October 10, 1967 & Delane Lea Studios, November 10, 1967)
    13. King Rabbit
    14. Lazy Fat People
       (Recorded Pete Townshend’s home studio London, 1966)
    15. Join My Gang (live Pete Roundhouse London, Apr 14, 1974)
    16. Early Morning Cold Taxi (CBS Studios, London, Oct 2, 67 orig mix)**
    17. Girls Eyes (Sound techniques, London, Oct 1967 orig mix)*
    18. Glow Girl (Delane Lea, London, Jan 1968 orig mix)
    19. Melancholia (Advision Studios, London, My 29, 1968)
    20. Magic Bus (long version, IBC London, Apr 1967)
    21. I Can See For Miles
    22. That Motherland Feeling
    23. Rael Parts 1-9
       (Pete's home studio, London 1967)
    24. Boris The Spider
    25. My Generation
       (live Oklahoma State Fair, July 21, 1967.

Thanks to Ryan Howat and Matt. W. fol information, cover scans and MP3 files to this CD.