The Who Sell Out - Mono Edition

    The Who Sell Out (Mono Edition)

    Label / Index #
    Polyboy WHO 67 (no index number on the CD itself)

    Compare with;
    The Collector’s Who Sell Out (CD) (Five Dolar)
    Pop Goes Art (CD) (Hiwatt GPS 26833038 A/B)
    The Who Sell Out (CD) (Track Records 612 002 Mono)
    The Who Sell Out (CD) (Track Records 612 002 Mono)

    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This is another nicely packaged glossy digipack from the folks at the
    Polyboy label. The label on my disc may have been a misprint since it is labeled The
    Alternate Axis
    with a track number JIMI 67 also printed on the label. From the digi-
    pack: All tracks are the original MONO-mixes NOT currently available on CD!  They
    cannot be played in stereo, no matter how hard you try!" "RELAX, ENJOY, FLOAT
    Also, on the Polyboy label, as is The Who ‘66 (CD) (Polyboy WHO-66). Sound on
    most tracks is very good to excellent. Tracks 23 and 24 were most likely taken from
    PT’s website as he has provided them free for all to listen. Track 27 is
    quite interesting
    . As a side note: This CD uses the cover of the West German
    issue Greatest Hits LP. Compare with the items listed above.

     1. Armenia City In The Sky
     2. Jingle:  Heinz Baked Beans
     3. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
     4. Odorono
     5. Tattoo
     6. Our Love Was
     7. I Can See For Miles
     8. Jingle:  Charles Atlas
     9. I Can't Reach You
     10. Medac
     11. Relax
     12. Silas Stingy
     13. Sunrise
     14. Rael 1 & 2
     15. End Groove:  Track Records


    16. Jingle:  John Mason
    17. Pictures of Lily
    18. Someone's Coming
    19. The Last Time
    20. Under My Thumb
    21. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (US-single version)
    22. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
    23. King Rabbit (Pete Townshend-demo-unreleased)
    24. Lazy Fat People (Pete Townshend-demo-unreleased)
    25. Dogs
    26. Call Me Lightning

        Not listed

    27. Pictures of Lily (early version - rehearsal)

Thanks to Matt Whipple for the cover and information to this CD.