Can Anybody Out There Play The Drums?

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    Label / Index #
    Mainstream Mast 94/95

    Compare with;
    Our Drummer's Out Cold (CD) (Wholiday Music WH 008/9)

    Venue: The Cow Palace, San Francisco, California, USA, Tuesday, November 20,

    Recording: Audience
    Comments: An actually decent audience recording that is very much an upgrade
    from the older Our Drummer's Out Cold (CD) (Wholiday Music WH 008/9) which
    was a bad dub off the Bill Graham video. You can actually understand the stage ann-
    ouncements and hear the instruments. Decent soundstage and probably taken from
    close to a first generation recording. Unfortunately, still only for die-hard fans. This
    CD utilizes the same cover as the boot LP Wholiday In The USA (LP) (SUNBURN
    RECORDS HB 1 1008)
    which is based on the poster / insert that came with the ori
    ginal legit vinyl release of ODDS & SODS. Compare with the CD listed above. Side-
    there is also a bootleg B&W video of a fair portion of this show, though of
    poor quality.

    CD 1

     1. I Can't Explain
     2. Summertime Blues
     3. My Generation
     4. I Am the Sea
     5. The Real Me
     6. The Punk Meets the Godfather
     7. I'm One
     8. Helpless Dancer
     9. 5:15
    10. Sea and Sand
    11. Drowned
    12. Bell Boy
    13. Dr. Jimmy
    14. Love Reign O'er Me
        CD 2

     1. Won't Get Fooled Again (K.Moon passes out during song)
     2. Keith Collapses
     3. Magic Bus - Keith Collapses Again
     4. See Me, Feel Me (except Keith)
     5. Can anybody play the drums?
     6. Smokestack Lightning / Spoonful*
     7. Naked Eyes* (sic Naked Eye)

Thanks to Dan Cooper and Ryan S. from the U.K. for the information and covers to this CD.