Dreaming From The Waist

    Dreaming From The Waist   Dreaming From The Waist (Back Cover)

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    Compare with;
    Being On A Journey With The Magic Bus (CD) (PLANET X 004-2)
    Live In Houston 1975 (CD) (Watchtower WT 2002101 / 102)

    Squeeze Box

    Venue: The Summit, Houston, Texas, USA, Thursday, November 20, 1975
    Recording: Mono Soundboard
    Comments: Excellent MONO Soundboard recording. This is a budget release of the
    Houston Summit show. The back cover erroneously lists the show date as November
    , 1975 when, in fact, it should be November 20, 1975. The Tommy tracks as well
    as Summertime Blues omitted and there are some sound imperfections noted. No
    manufacturer info is to be found anywhere on this set. The CD is blue in color, lists
    the title of the CD and states Gema and is identical in design to the Hiwatt releases
    of the Pete Townshend solo CD's P.T. Demos For The Who - "Tommy" Demos
    (CD) (Hiwatt HI-1969)
    and P.T. Demos For The Who - "Lifehouse"- Demos
    (CD) (HIWATT HI 7071)
    . Overall not a bad CD to have if you're either unable
    to find or afford either of the two CD's listed above.

     1. I Can't Explain
     2. Substitute
     3. Squeeze Box
     4. Baba O'Riley
     5. Boris The Spider
     6. Drowned
     7. However Much I Booze
     8. Dreaming From The Waist
     9. Behind Blue Eyes0
    10. My Generation
    11. Join Together
    12. Naked Eye
    13. Road Runner
    14. Won't Get Fooled Again
    15. Magic Bus
    16. My Generation Revisited