Fillmore East 6 April 1968

     Fillmore East 6 April 1968  Fillmore East 6 April 1968 (Back Cover)

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    Sunrise 2004 (CD)
    SR-0012 (Back Cover)

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    Pete Dialogue ("Village Theater")

    PT Dialogue (Thrown out of 3 hotels)

    French Announcer

    Venue: Fillmore East, New York, New York, USA, Friday, April 6, 1968
    Tracks 14-16: Pier Pavillion, Felixstowe, UK, Friday, September 9, 1966
    Comments:: Another excellent release from Japan on the Sunrise label. This one of
    the oft-bootlegged Fillmore East April 6th show. The sound quality is excellent for
    the Fillmore tracks. The bonus track from the Pier Pavillion, Felixstowe, were record-
    and broadcast on the French Television show "16 Millions Des Jeuenes" which,
    roughly translated means something like 16 million youths or words to that effect.
    The back cover of the CD states "Seize Millions De Jeune", whereas The Who Con-
    cert File
    book lists this as 16 Millions Des Jeuenes" (p.48) These tracks are also of
    very good sound quality for this time period. Very nice!

    Summertime Blues
     2. Fortune Teller
     3. Tattoo
     4. Little Billy
     5. I Can't Explain
     6. Happy Jack
     7. Relax
     8. A Quick One While He's Away
     9. My Way)
    10. Shakin' All Over
    11. Boris The Spider
    12. My Generation

    Live At THe Pier Pavillion, Felexstowe, UK, 9 September, 1966
    (Taken from French TV "Seize Millions De Jeune" avec DJ Emperor Rosco,
    broadcast 18 October, 1966)

    Short Medley (with French DJ's voice over)
    Heat Wave
    So Sad About Us

    13. I'm A Boy
    14. Substitute
    15. My Generation