My Generation

    My Generation

    Label / Index #
    The who company WO1999,65-CD

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    My Generation (CD) (WHO 2000.65)
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    My Generation (LP) (Brunswick LAT.8616)

    Venue: Studio
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: "Finally! The very first "classic" Who album from November 1965 re-
    mastered with bonus tracks on CD!! because The Who themselves and the producer
    of this first LP, Shel Talmy, have an ongoing dispute over the rights, it's up to us, it's
    a legal matter, baby?!"

    Tracks 13-20: Various out-takes from March 1965 session as well as B-sides (UK
    and US) for the first three Who singles.
    Track 21: Was only released on the US version of the My Generation LP.
    Tracks 22 and 23: Alternate mixes with different vocals. Released, by mistake, on
    a French EP (22) and with censored lyrics in the USA (23).
    Track 24: is a US radio commercial from 1967 for milk shakes!

     1. Out In The Street (Townshend)
     2. I Don't Mind (Brown)
     3. The Good's Gone (Townshend)
     4. La La La Lies (Pavey / Doonican)
     5. Much Too Much (Townshend)
     6. My Generation (Townshend)
     7. The Kids Are Alright (Townshend)
     8. Please Please Please (Brown / Terry)
     9. It's Not True (Townshend)
    10. I'm A Man (McDaniel)
    11. A Legal Matter (Townshend)
    12. The Ox (Townshend)
    13. Leaving Here (Holland / Dozier / Holland)
    14. Baldheaded Woman (Talmy)
    15. Anytime You Want Me (Brown)
    16. Motoring (Holland / Dozier / Holland)
    17. Heatwave (Vers. 1) (Holland / Dozier / Holland)
    18. Lubie (Come Back Home) (Simms / Ragavoy
    19. Daddy Rolling Stone (Blackwell)
    20. Shout And Shimmy (Isley)
    21. Circles (Instant party) (Townshend)
    22. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (Townshend)
    23. Substitute (Townshend)
    24. Great Shakes (Moon)

Thanks to JL from the Netherlands for the information and cover to this CD.