(The Who) Sings My Generation

    My Generation  My Generation
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    Label / Index #
    The Who Company WO1999.65-CD

    Compare with;
    My Generation (CD) (The who company WO1999,65-CD)
    My Generation (CD) (Wholiday Music WH-007)
    My Generation (CD) (WHO 2000.65)

    My Generation (LP) (Brunswick Who A / Who B)

    Venue: Studio
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This is a new release of the My Generation CD. It comes in a glossy
    gatefold cover of the already known jewelcase / digipacks versions. The quality of
    artwork & packaging is similar to
    The Who: Sell Out - Mono Edition (CD) (Poly-
    boy WHO 67)
    , The Who '66 (CD) (Polyboy WHO-66), High Numbered (CD)
    (Brunswick LAT 9000)
    . This CD is identical in design to My Generation (LP)
    (Brunswick Who A / Who B)
    . The Front cover indicates that the Label is Bruns
    wick with an index # of LAT 8616 - identical to the original legit My Generation UK
    LP release.
    Interesting to note that this CD and the boot / "pirate" LP, also on the
    Brunswick label, misspell Circle (Instand Party). Compare with the CD's listed above.

     1. Out In The Street (aka "You're Gonna Know Me") (credited as "Townsend")
     2. I Don't Mind
     3. The Good's Gone
     4. La-La-La-Lies
     5. Much Too Much
     6. My Generation
     7. The Kids Are Alright
     8. Please Please Please
     9. It's Not True
    10. I'm A Man
    11. A Legal Matter
    12. The Ox

        Bonus Tracks

    13. Leaving Here
    14. Bald Headed Woman
    15. Leaving Here
    16. Motorin (sic Motoring)
    17. Heatwave (vers. 1)
    18. Lubie (Come Back Home)
    19. Daddy Rolling Stone
    20. Shout And Shimmy
    21. Circle (Instand Party) (sic Circles) (sic Instant Party)
    22. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
    23. Substitute
    24. Great Shakes

Thanks to Genero Alberto from Italy for the info and cover scans to this CD.